What to do when you see your ex on Tinder: dos and don’ts

Tinder is too popular nowadays. It seems sometimes that it covers all Earth population. And it definitely feels so when you see your ex in a Tinder gallery. Let’s see what can be done then. Top 10 best hookup apps for dating.

“Since I dated many girls in the past, it happens often that I see them on Tinder”, Michael tells. “It depends on their character and our breakup memories how exactly I’m acting.

I may tease some of them by swiping right so they see me. I do not swipe right on those who are not to mess with though. I am doing that only when there will be no bad consequences.

If it’s an ex who’s the real fury, I swipe left as fast as I can. I do not chat with my exes on Tinder even when we match though. What for? We could simply text each other if we wanted to.

If you aren’t into deep analysis of your exes and breakups, better swipe left on them always. And oh, they are another reason why my Tinder photos are always the hottest and trendiest”.

28 thoughts on “What to do when you see your ex on Tinder: dos and don’ts

  1. I know that this may sound like an anomaly, but there are literally hundreds of sites that require users to pay before they can get a chatty little conversation going.

  2. This seems pretty much like a newbie’s dream and since I like to chat I’m going to have to get over this hurdle.

  3. The good news is that I’ve found a solution for users who want to chat but don’t have enough money for a membership.

  4. I love the chat system and all that it has to offer but one thing it lacks is a way for users to get free services.

  5. You sign up for a free account at Craigslist and then you simply send a message to any sex date that they have access to.

  6. If they accept you then you both win! It really works because the person you’re chatting with is going to be pretty much open to you sexually so I don’t think it would be too hard to send her an erotic message or two.

  7. I would also suggest that you don’t settle for any sexual chat up until you have a more substantial “hookup” in mind.

  8. Some of the sex dates on Craigslist are pretty open and honest about their age, height, weight, job, etc so this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

  9. I have a pretty extensive profile which I update regularly and I’ve had just two dates in the last year.

  10. One ended pretty obviously but the other girl seemed interested and I think we may hookup sometime soon.

  11. It’s really easy to use Craigslist as a way to find sex dates but you should always be cautious because if something fishy happens you could be out of luck.

  12. Once you’ve mastered the art of interacting with other people, you can find a partner online.

  13. While offline communication may be difficult and requires more effort on your part, online dating is easy and safe and is free for both you and the woman you’re looking for.

  14. The diversity of women available on online dating sites is one of the best ways to find a girlfriend.

  15. With a huge database of women online, finding the right date for you is easy and free.

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