What girls like to talk about

If you are one of the many men who are wondering what girls like to talk about in the bedroom, I’ve got some great news for you. You do not have to put up with it or pretend like you do!

Sex is one thing that all Thai women want to hear about. If a woman is talking about sex, then she is obviously interested in sex. It is easy to see why so many people are looking for a way to talk dirty to their partner.

The best way to talk about with girls

Is to show your partner what they are missing out on. This is just a matter of practice and imagination. Try making up some naughty words and phrases, and talk about them while you’re in the shower, while you’re eating, or just as you’re relaxing. It’s a lot more fun than you might think.

The secret to talking dirty is to turn the focus of the conversation to a place that a girl’s body is naturally drawn to. For example, say a sexy phrase like, “You know I’m not afraid of pain, do you?” This will get the conversation rolling and will give her something to focus on besides how tired you are. If you can make this sound erotic, she’ll want to know more.

It’s even better if you can start talking dirty during sex. Don’t worry if this seems like a little too tame, because if she wants to talk dirty, then she probably wants to talk dirty to you. The idea is to let her know that you’re open to the idea of talking dirty to her, so that you’re both more comfortable with each other.

When talking dirty, be sure not to sound too clinical. If you don’t feel comfortable using certain words, don’t say anything at all. Instead, use slang terms that describe your lover. Some examples of slang words include: dirty, filthy, wild, dirty bird, dirty diaper, wet, dripping, hot, messy, wetter, and much more. You can also add a few cuss words like “bitch”bastard” to the mix.

Talk about some dirty things when you’re alone, and when you have company around. It’s a lot better to sound dirty when you’re talking dirty to yourself than talking to someone else. However, it’s also a lot better if you can use some dirty words and phrases when you’re talking to your partner.

Learning how to talk dirty is actually not as hard as you may have imagined. Once you know the basics, you can get more creative and make a lot of things happen with your sex life.

So how can you start your dirty talk? Begin to talk about how tired you are, how your day was, how you’re feeling, or how your day went for the day. Once you’ve got your rhythm down, you can move on to talking to your partner.

Start with describing your girl’s body in terms that describe her. Her skin, her curves, her height, her shape and many other details. You can also talk about the way she smells and tastes.

Next, you need to turn the focus of your conversation from being romantic to talking about the act of sex. Now you can start talking about the best parts of sex.

Be careful, and don’t just tell her what you want to do, or how to do it. Tell her what you’d like to do, and ask her to suggest ideas for you. Make sure you make her happy and get her to think up a few.