The best hookup strategies for Alaska dating

Alaska womenThe key tricks to get an Alaska lover

Alaska girls are popular both among American and Canadian singles, but their fame is already spreading wider. They are too sexy and beautiful to not take a chance at least once!

Daters who like to pickup exotic girls from all over the world, won’t pass over Alaska women who have got almond-shaped eyes, beige to olive skin, and cheek-boned faces.

You don’t have to be an artistic person or a novel writer to enjoy such unique intimate moments as a French kiss under the Aurora Borealis or on an ice foe. Your Alaska girl will watch after you!

Well well, but how to conquer her? Usually, Alaska women want to get married to a foreigner or a man from the warmer state, and move. It’s not the best option to give them fake promises to get intimate.

So if you want to seduce an Alaska girl but in the most honest way, do not give promises, just enchant her with the brightest impressions she ever had, and keep this charm going!

Do you know, for example, that ninety percent of Filipina people never get a chance to visit their most picturesque islands and resorts because such a trip is too costly? Same here.

Eastern European females, particularly Ukrainian girls, rarely ever swim with dolphins in their local dolphinariums or hike in the Carpathian Mountains. They are busy with survival.

You got the idea: if you aren’t planning to take her away like she dreams to, open her own world to her. Visit all possible landmarks and attractions of Alaska together, and harvest the romance!

hookup strategies for Alaska dating

The best places to hookup in Alaska

So, here are some of the attractions you may start with. And believe us, your Eskimo girlfriend is not going to guess where it takes the two of you, in all meanings!

Chena Hot Springs

Take her to Chena Hot Springs and it will be a perfect natural foreplay before pleasing her body more intimately. You’ll warm your Snowy Queen up with hot healing waters!

Plus to these wonderful sensations, your target girl will be able to taste the cuisine of other nationalities and ethnicities in a cozy Chena Hot Springs restaurant. The hot night after is guaranteed!

Aurora Ice Museum

This splendid place is, in fact, the ice hotel, but since the owner didn’t wanted to boldly compete with ice hotels in other countries, he called his masterpiece the Museum.

It’s absolutely for sure that your Alaska girl have never had the opportunity to stay in such a unique and luxurious hotel. But it’s the best place for your first night together, even if it’s also the last one.

Winter camping in Denali National Park

Maybe your Alaska hottie has walked in this amazing place and stayed there for camping with her student friends in the past, but she definitely wasn’t there with a passionate lover like you.

Some of the campgrounds there are free during winter months, so hey, it’s much cheaper than the ice hotel yet very romantic. Everything is equipped there for your hot hours together!

Table Top Mountain scenery

If you prefer sex in public places, you can always catch a moment during your summer sightseeing on the Table Top Mountain. So unforgettable both for you and for your Alaska girl!

If she is a typical hard-worker of Alaska, she has probably been in that picturesque place only at her younger age, and only briefly. You’ll certainly make this all new to her.

Helicopter and Seaplane Ride

If your Alaska girl isn’t from a wealthy family, and there aren’t many of them in Alaska anyway, she could probably only dream about flying over her homeland in a helicopter.

It’s a bit costly for locals and more affordable for tourists. In any case, a long kiss or two during the flight is a bonus she won’t want to miss. Surprise her, and excite her! The same comes to a seaplane.

Fine dining

We already mentioned the restaurants and you can find plenty of them in touristic areas. Surely, your Alaska girl has no reasons and no resources to attend the majority of them.

But it’s your big card to play. Let her try salmon in the most unusual forms for her, such as Sushi and Salmon Paella. Your hot Alaska lover will be greatly amazed, and you’ll easily seduce her!

dating an Alaska woman

Things to do with Alaska girl in a bed

You may think Alaska girl shouldn’t differ much from other American girls. But do not underestimate her very unique culture and upbringing frames. She certainly differs a lot.

The basic factor for sex in this case is trust. If to develop this subtle connection of trust quickly enough, your Alaska girl will amaze you with her passion. And that is what you need!

Girls in Alaska are too classical minded for being naughty or horny with someone they don’t know or don’t plan to date seriously. In other words, they rarely look to hookups.

So the only way is creating a romantic atmosphere for them and all elements of courtship. But don’t worry, impressing her quickly and briefly works just fine too!

Once you showed you’re a good guy, you can start getting intimate. Remember, dating an Alaska woman of any age is like dating a college girl: they are a bit naive and like cute things.

So, giving her a long soft kiss before the long run is ultimate! Then comes slow caressing her back and neck while kissing her lips, and make sure you aren’t too pushy when you touch her breasts.

Now you see how much it resembles dating a college girl in your youth. Be as gentle and tender as you can in a bed with Alaska girl, especially if it’s your first time.

You shouldn’t wait for the second time to speed up though. If you do it right and can make it last for an hour at least, she’ll greatly surprise you in a process turning completely wild!

Do not forget that Alaska people used to heat themselves with sex during long polar nights, and it’s only natural for a girl to get intense. She may eventually take a leading role and we bet you enjoy!

Usually Alaska girls do not experiment much in a bed. Around ten basic positions is the maximum you should expect from her. But if she went wild indeed, everything is possible!

Alaska girls

How to use Alaska hookup app

Alaska girls prefer lasting relationships and dating apps that provide that. Yet they might use hookup apps like Tinder and Badoo, just because these ones are in fashion.

One little tip from dating experts is meeting the girls on the apps for serious dating such as The Match or Brilic, even if you are after hook-ups only. It will help you find the qualitative chicks.

It’s always reasonable to make some acquaintances before travelling that far, so try to get the girls attention with a bigger guarantee. You should know what to write and what to not!

All Alaska girls dream about relocating to some warmer place with a bigger number of opportunities, and making a cosy home with someone reliable. Otherwise, they aren’t interested.

So it makes sense to show them the photos of your house and mention your love towards children. Also talk as much as you can about taking her with you to your exciting trips.

With these two powerful topics, you will be able to keep other pretenders away and meet your Alaska beauty whenever you want. Of course, there are some other hookup tips too.

Family means a lot in Alaska culture, so respect a girl’s parents. Luckily, you don’t need to ask their permission or to be afraid of them like in some Oriental cultures. Just respect them.

Once you are acquainted online, ask her about her background and the basic facts about her mom and dad. Wish them well at the end of every conversation, and bring them souvenirs.

With all these actions, you are gaining her trust and sex is impossible in Alaska without trust. So consider such preparations your wise investment into a great casual sex with Alaska girl!