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client of Alaska’s PeopleWe are now offering the immediate posting of job openings to our site for employers as of March 3, 2000. Jobseekers, please don’t be discouraged if there are just a few openings. This is a brand new service and once the word gets out, employers will be able to post their openings directly to our site for your immediate viewing.
Click here for Current Job Openings Submitted by Outside Employers
A requirement of Alaska’s People, Inc. is that a client have an updated resume on file. We have two client computers available for your use in typing a resume.
We also have a resume service available for clients who cannot produce their own. You need only complete a Resume Worksheet and a resume can be prepared for you. In addition, you can complete our Resume Worksheet form on-line. Your resume will then be created and stored in our Client Resume Database and will be made available to you for revision and extra copies.

If you would like a “Resume Worksheet” mailed to you, please call (907) 263-7013 or e-mail your request to [email protected] Include your Name, Mailing Address and Contact Number.

Alaska’s People, Inc. is currently staffed by four Employment Specialists who provide Employment and Training Referral services to our clients. Clients are encouraged to maintain contact with their Employment Specialist if they would like to be referred for a position within their field of experience, education, or training.
Your Employment Specialist can also provide you with information related to post-secondary education or technical training opportunities.

Employment Specialists can be contacted through E-Mail. Please see our STAFFpage.

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If you are not yet a client of Alaska’s People, Inc. and you are seeking employment, please contact our office at (907) 263-7013 or via Fax at (907) 263-7083. You can also visit our office at 2600 Cordova Street, Suite 211, Anchorage, AK. We are located in midtown on Cordova – the next street west of the Denali Towers near Sears.
You may also submit an e-mail request for an Intake Application Form and/or Resume Worksheet to [email protected] Please include your full name, address and telephone number.

If you are an established client of Alaska’s People, Inc., we encourage you to maintain contact with your Employment Specialists to keep them informed of your progress in obtaining employment.
If you are a client and you have become employed, please call or e-mail your Employment Specialist to let them know.

(Links to Staff E-Mail address are available on the STAFFpage).

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Alaska’s People, Inc. provides services as outlined above to our clients in their search for employment. The rest is up to you.
Conducting yourself as a professional during an interview will greatly increase your chances of being hired. Early arrival or simply being on time, along with proper dress and attitude goes a long way when someone is considering you for a position within their company or organization.

We receive job orders on a daily basis. We encourage you to maintain contact with your Employment Specialist to stay abreast of the most current employment opportunities.
Looking through the “want ads” in your local newspaper and registering with The State Job Service office or with temporary agencies are also encouraged. Good Luck in Your Employment Search!